PANGAEA Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock - Looks & Feels Like Real Stone - Safe for Outdoor Garden or Yard, Geocaching (Pebble - Black)

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This poly-resin rock looks and feels real. It makes an easy hiding place for your spare key. A very popular product for realtors, parents, garden and landscape businesses and other home care companies. It is a discreet way to hide your spare key. You may also use it for other applications like Geocaching.

We are serious about your secret! That's why we re-designed our product. It is the ideal place to store your belongings while being able to disguise them in the foliage already surrounding your front porch or backyard without drawing attention to unsuspecting passersby. Only you and your family will recognize where your personal items are stored.

Burglars don’t have the time to rummage through everything you have. In fact, most spend an average of 6 minutes (or less) inside the home, so they will look in the most obvious places for valuables. Our key hider rock lets you hide your stash of important items in the least obvious spot.

Keys are not included.


External: 4"L x 2-3/4"W x 1-1/4"D (10cm L x 7cm W x 3cm D)

Internal: 3-1/8"L x 1-1/4"W x 3/4"D (8cm L x 3cm W x 2cm D)

UPC: 606098294125

Customer Reviews

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PANGAEA Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock - Looks & Feels Like Real Stone - Safe for Outdoor Garden or Yard, Geocaching (Pebble - Black)

Nicole Bernstein
We all need one of these

I can't even tell you the number of times I have locked myself out of my car and my house. This is perfect so when the next time comes, I am ready!

Good product

The product does what I wanted it to do; mainly disguise my emergency key. It is a nice touch that a plastic bag was included. It didn't matter to me that the key would get wet (it's metal after all). Also it has a backing unlike other similar products that no backing cover.

Mike B.
First Rate

Was very pleasantly surprised at the realism of the product. Once I put it on the ground, it was Alamo impossible to determine this wasn't a rock. The plastic bag sent with the rock for key storage was a nice touch. I'm really pleased with my purchase and highly recommend it.

M. Curtis
Great service

We ordered this rock to have a key hidden for the kids. The rock came and broke when we tried to open it the first time. As soon as the company knew, they immediately sent a replacement that works great! Thank you!!