PANGAEA [2 Pairs] Pack Waxed Round Oxford Shoe Laces for Dress Shoes Chukka 3/32" Thin (Multiple Colors & Sizes Available)

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Shoelaces have a disproportionate effect on the overall look a pair of shoes. A pair of old, worn out laces will not uphold the formal dress look that you want in a well-polished pair of shoes. That's why here, We did this to produce a better quality shoelace with more sizes and colors.  These beautiful shoe laces are perfect replacement of your old ones and designed for men or women dress dress shoes including Brogues, Blucher, Derby, Bucks, Spectator shoes.

A new fashion trend is to use brightly colored shoelaces in dress and casual shoe as an accent to your clothing ensemble. We have all sorts of colors: Black, Brown/Dark Brown, Gray/Dark Gray, White, Red, Royal Blue, and Burgundy. Replace a pair of tired shoe laces and refresh the look of your shoes!


2 pairs (4 laces) of 2.5mm (~3/32") Waxed Shoelaces for Dress or Oxford Shoes


22” (56cm) =============== 2 pairs of shoe eyelets

26” (66cm) =============== 2~3 pairs of shoe eyelets

30” (76cm) =============== 3 pairs of shoe eyelets

34” (86cm) =============== 4 pairs of shoe eyelets

39” (100cm) =============== 4~5 pairs of shoe eyelets

43” (109cm) =============== 5 pairs of shoe eyelets

47” (119cm) =============== 6 pairs of shoe eyelets

51” (130cm) =============== 6~7 pairs of shoe eyelets

55” (140cm) =============== 7 pairs of shoe eyelets

59” (150cm) =============== 8 pairs of shoe eyelets

63” (160cm) =============== 8~9 pairs of shoe eyelets

Please measure your old shoelaces to best match.


⚠ Please note that these Fashion Dress Round shoelaces are designed for Dress shoes. These shoelaces are too thin for Casual boots or Athletic shoes! 

⚠ All of our product images are in Ultra HD resolution to show the product details in its truest form. However, based on your screen/monitor resolution, settings, and other factors, your view will almost always differ than the actual, physical product. 

Customer Reviews

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Michael Williams
Good product, arrived on time

Laces are well crafted.

Ryan Jones


thomas mulvihill
Lace me up bro

Met all requirements size color


asdasd asdasd

A. Sacremento
Nice Dress Laces

These made excellent replacements for the frayed laces on my dress shoes. They are round, braided, and waxed.